Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

1. Countrywide Packers and Movers do not take any responsibility for leakage, shortage, spoilage by sun, rain, fire when the sender is responsible for proper packing and breakable goods are carried at absolute owner rick

2. Fresh Fruits are carried at absolute risk of the sender and they are not apt to the solled on the way

3. The goods will be delivered to authorised person.

4. The goods will be delivered at destination in the company godown only.

5. The delivery of the goods will have to be taken within 3 days at its arrival at the destination after 3 days party will have to pay demurrage of Rs. 2 per qt. or Rs. 3 per qt. or package per day Rs.3/-after 2 months & Rs. 4 after 3 months.

6. Once the delivery is given against a receipt so clank will a entertained

7. If any deference is found out on actual weight as compared with GR and goods otherwise the company will recover full charge at the destination for actual weight 25% extra.

8.If the consignor wants the goods to be covered against the fire and theft on the way must be declared but premium which counted by booking clerk.

9. Any disputes regarding the GR. will be settled in court only, and the consignee or consignor will not settled in criminal court

10. In kachcha place if the truck cannot go the customer will delivered the goods at the place reached the payful freight to the driver.

11. If the name of consignee mentioned in GR than Co. reserved right to deliver the goods GR.

12. If the value of goods is above Rs. 100/- must be insured otherwise the company will not be responsible.

13. The Company is not responsible for the bringing back the goods.

14. The Company will send goods at the either opportunity in one lot or in according to their conveyance.

15. If the goods are wrongly assessed by Control, Custom people Co. will not be responsible to the affects and claim. If any case shall be made by the consignor will have to face it.

16. Company will be not responsible for any terms after delivery Loss & Damage.

17. If the receipt misplaced by the consignor same shall have to be made within fifteen days and considered valid.

18. Company will not responsible for any terms after delivery loss and Damage.

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